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Inclusive games that make you THINK and MOVE!  ALL ages and abilities


Fit and Fun Forever™ are movement-based games that are specifically designed for adults and seniors.  These games provide all participants with a dynamic series of movement, social, and cognitive experiences which can help fight dementia and improve balance. Game play is based upon the combination of unique movement and trivia fun. In the simplest terms, participants attempt to physically complete each activity while at the same time challenge their wits with trivia. This approach to game play blends the best of two worlds, and limits the typical fatigue associated with fitness programs. 

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Fit and Fun Forever™ games were created to be enjoyed by EVERYONE!

Fit and Fun Forever™ has been thoughtfully created to ensure that people of all ability levels can participate. Everyone from pickle ballers to mahjong players, from young children to seniors, and from standing or sitting. The activities can be used purely for coordination and fitness building experiences excluding the trivia and / or scoring all together. Modifications and variations of game play are expected and encouraged so that all participants can succeed and celebrate their efforts. These games are for everyone - no excuses!!

ANYone of ANY ability of ANY age!


Fit and Fun Forever™ games were developed to be used for social, physical and mental reasons.  

There are several ways to use Fit and Fun Forever™ games, in part or whole. The core concept is that there is a package of portable mats we call Roll-Out Activities® that, in combination with some other pieces, are used with trivia cards to create a unique, inclusive movement experience. You can elevate the experience with team-based competitions and awards, or keep it low-key and focus on the fun. You can go at your own pace, or have a time limit. You can elevate the movements or simply them.

Make it what you want, where you want! 

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Fit and Fun Forever™ games were designed to be used for a VARIETY of purposes.  

Fit and Fun Forever™ games are versatile to suit a variety of purposes.  The games can be used for weekly or monthly wellness, fitness or game night programs.  They can be used for community events like adult olympics, grandparents day or family day. Games can be played at the recreation or senior center, the veterans administration, rehabilitation centers, active communities or health fairs. The uses are endless. 

Loved by EVERYone, EVERYwhere!   


The Fit and Fun Forever™ "Free Spirit" Package includes:

                 Six (6) Roll-Out Activities® portable mats (Miracle Maze, Balancing Trail, Numeral Mania, Flex Ladder, Taking Aim and Around the USA)

                 All the equipment you need

                 Rules of Play and Set-up Instructions

                 Bonus and Trivia Challenges

                 FREE Access to our Game Play Developer! (See below)



                FREE SUPPORT               

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  • Game Play Developer


We know that most of you prefer to have someone explain the game, benefits and concepts to you rather than read it all.  We got you!  You can contact our on-staff Game Play Developer by calling us at 800 681 0684 ext. 11 and you will be immediately directed to get answers and explanations.  Or email us at


Rosemary-Dedication-LogoIt's about family....

Pam Gunther, Founder and CEO of Fit and Fun Playscapes, wants to share a personal story about why she developed Fit and Fun Forever™.  Pam explains, "Previous to COVID, I would pack up my truck with my sons and our snorkeling gear and head to Florida to visit my mom, Katherine Redmond. We would pick her up in Delray and head to the Florida Keys. As COVID was just emerging, my mom got really sick and it took nearly a year when she was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, an nuero-muscular autoimmune disorder. For years, she suffered with immobility, a trach and was mostly wheelchair bound which affected the quality of her life and health. Sadly, it has recently taken her life but she pushed me to develop games for seniors like her. In addition, my Uncle Pete has lost his wife of 53 years to leukemia and one of his last promises to her was to leave a namesake in her honor as a wonderful mother, wife and sister. He went from being an avid pickle ball player to someone with some physical limitations due to a knee injury. So with his help, we began talking about ways to get more movement opportunities to the residents at his community with one promise, to dedicate them to his wife, my Aunt Rosemary. Together, my mom and Uncle Pete, have inspired and been instrumental in developing the Fit and Fun Forever™ mission and products. At the bottom of each Fit and Fun Forever™ mat, there is a heart and initials in honor of my Aunt Rosemary. So for me, it's all about family. They have always been my source of inspiration."