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Hello, please note that our samples are small material samples, not usable products, so please consider if this is something you really can make use of. Our products are not generally for home use.

Any links from "freebie" websites or social media accounts are not authorized and your samples may not be sent. 

Sample kits will only be sent to contacts who complete the form below using a valid business email address, and include their company name and mailing address.


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Each kit contains one material sample of:

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Super Stickers®


Roll-Out Activities®


Reusable Stencils

"The sensory hallways looks as good as it did 4 years ago, which is when the stickers were laid down. Every day I see the kids jumping, hopping and "tip-toeing" their way through the hallway on their way to and from class(...) We were so happy with our order, we placed two others(...). Thank you Fit & Fun Playscapes." ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ellen Stone, Occupational Therapist, Viola Elementary School