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Easy-to-Use Fun2MOOV!® Can Help


All quality physical education teaching is driven by assessment and that's really all about learning what your students can do while giving them more opportunity to practice fundamental motor skills! The more you know about your child’s abilities, the easier it will be to decide what to teach!  You will be able to observe your students' abilities in authentic natural play setting.  Don't forget Fun2MOOV!® is also a great checklist and assessment tool!

Standardized vs Authentic

Standardized assessments - If you have conducted standardized assessments,
then you know the data collected can be meaningful. However, these assessments often require specialized training, can be time consuming, and costly.

Assessment drives teaching.  So understanding your students' present level of performance helps determine what to teach. Authentic assessment allows data collection on ALL kids.

Authentic assessments – Authentic assessments can be used anywhere, all the time! Authentic assessments are designed to measure a child’s ability during natural play.

Luckily, authentic assessments of motor skills can be done at any time, and, with the input of physical educators, Fun2MOOV!® is easy to set up to begin gathering data and very affordable.

That’s why Fit and Fun Playscapes invented the Fun2MOOV!® Locomotor Skills Assessment System.


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Use Fun2MOOV!® as part of your daily warm up, as stations, or as a complete lesson or use it for indoor recess, and before/ after school programs.


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To kids, they're fun. To P.E. teachers, they are an easy but highly accurate locomotor assessment.

The Fun2MOOV!® system can be used anytime, anywhere, and as often as you’d like. Fun2MOOV!® assessments were developed and tested with the help of physical educators and their students. The assessments include an easy-to-follow teaching guide, a fundamental locomotor skills checklist, and six (6) portable Roll-Out Activities®.




1 - Six locomotor skill Roll-Out Activities®

Six Roll-Out Activities® focusing on an “authentic” assessment of seven (7) locomotor skills (run, jump, hop, skip/gallop, slide, leap). Each is approximately 4.5 wide x 11 feet long.


New F2M Mock Up package

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2 - The Fun2MOOV!® system Teaching Guide

A step-by-step guide will be emailed to you (PDF) so you can print off as many assessment sheets as you need.



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3 - Access to the pros

You'll have access to experts like Timothy D. Davis, Ph.D., CAPE, Director of the Sensory Integration/Motor Sensory (SIMS) Movement Center at SUNY Cortland. 

Email us to set up an appointment or ask a question.

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How to use the Fun2MOOV!® Locomotor Skills Assessment system:

• You can match locomotor skills to the unit you are currently teaching.

• Provide ample movement space between stations.

• Prepare the checklist using your class roster.

• Position yourself so that you can easily observe selected stations and record data on the checklist.

• Over time, you will gather data on each of your student's abilities and progress.

• We recommend you assess your student’s ability at least quarterly. However, you can reassess and observe your students as often as you like.

• Keeping data on your students’ ability will inform and enhance your curriculum decisions.

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✔️ Easy to use

✔️ Easy to clean up after each session - just use a damp cloth

✔️ Fun2MOOV!® assessments were developed and tested with the help of physical educators and their students 💪

✔️ Authentic assessment is an evidence-based approach

✔️ Kids love them ❤️