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The Sensory Movement Experience has been designed to engage people of all ages and abilities to inspire our community to move more. Even around the mall. 

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The Sensory Movement Experience
Copy Cat
Leap Frog
Yoga Poses
Fitness Stations
Leap Frog
Daisy Hopscotch
Heel Toe
Yoga Poses
Fitness Agility Ladder
Family at Mall

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Let's create a culture of daily movement in our community together! "The Sensory Movement Experience" is happily brought to you by the collaborative efforts of Fit and Fun Playscapes and the Poughkeepsie Galleria. Together, these private, local companies have recognized the need for more opportunities that help people of all ages and abilities. The importance of sensory movement and sensory integration has been understood for decades and now it is available in retail settings.  We hope you enjoy The Sensory Movement Experience. Please sign up to join our community and follow us on social media. :)

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"The Sensory Movement Experience" mission is to 1) enliven mall experiences with colorful graphics, 2) elevate the physical and wellness opportunities for "mall walkers" 3) engage the community to learn about the benefits of moving together as a family and 4) provide a place for those that have sensory challenges and need a break from the mall stimuli around them. Check out these sample videos by a young fan but don't forget - these activities are for ALL ages which means you control how much you do, how you do it and how long you do it.  Just move safely, rest as much as you need and hydrate throughout!  This is a "use at your own risk" activity.

We hope that you enjoyed "The Sensory Movement Experience"! By participating with this FREE, public opportunity you are supporting local, small businesses in your area and we appreciate your patronage. We hope that you will spread the word about this awesome opportunity to lead a healthier lifestyle and support the collaborators, the Poughkeepsie Galleria and Fit and Fun Playscapes. Your feedback is welcome!

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